Frequently asked questions about the Philips Ecolamp!

What is the Ecolamp and what I have to Ecolamp?
The Ecolamp is a revolutionary development in the neutralization of bacteria, fungi and viruses causing the Ecolamp creates a healthy and clean environment. The Ecolamp is equipped with high UV-C technology from Philips. In addition, the Ecolamp provided with a hoogwaardigHEPA filter, which has been developed especially for this Ecolamp. The operation of this Philips UV-C technology is scientifically proven and is a safe method of disinfection.

What can I use Ecolamp?
The Ecolamp is designed for people who suffer from asthma, hay fever and fungi and viruses in the house. The Ecolamp can also be used for households who are aware of a clean air purifying. A clean air purifying is essential for the healthy.

In what areas can I use Ecolamp?
The Ecolamp can be used for a variety of enclosed spaces. In rooms up to 40m2 Ecolamp the functioning optimally.

What is the benefit package?
Besides Ecolamp itself will bring in the benefit package, the Service Kit for the price of € 225. With the purchase of the benefit package will save you € 13.95.

How many years warranty is over and the Ecolamp Service Kit?
On both the Ecolamp as the Service Kit is a standard 2 year warranty.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Ecolamp?
The height of the Ecolamp is 42 cm. The diameter at the top is 17cm and the diameter at the bottom is 26cm. The weight of the Ecolamp is 4.5 kilograms.

I just connected my Ecolamp and he smells pretty. Why is that?
The odor you smell is the 'image of the lamp which does no harm. This fragrance is temporarily reduced by the hour. After about 12 hours this smell disappeared

Which areas is the Ecolamp suitable?
The Ecolamp is particularly suitable for the bedroom, living room, waiting room, classrooms, offices, nurseries, doctors practice more. Also where do the animals stay Ecolamp excellent work. The Ecolamp is a reliable solution for allergies, for example dogs, cats, birds or other pets.

How animals react to the Ecolamp?
Animals react like people very comfortably on the Ecolamp because animals also like to relate in a clean environment to stay. After the air is also vital for your animals, cleaner air that is inhaled, will only benefit the overall health of humans and animals. Turn Ecolamp so comfortable in rooms with animals.

Is the HEPA filter is not clogged quickly when used in a space with pets?
The ecolamp sucks air 90m3 per hour and particulate air filters all particles. These air particles next to dust, dander and even pet hair.
Because of this, the HEPA filter every six months to be replaced. In areas where animals stay mainly as breeding areas, cats stay or lofts is recommended every 3 months for the HEPA filter. This keeps the Ecolamp work optimally.

When I notice the difference?
Research has shown that in 24 hours Ecolamp a room for 90% cleaner makes. The Ecolamp does so from day 1. Depending on your condition, you will notice a difference. This may be in one day, but also after 1 month. Ultimately, the Ecolamp the greatest effect when used long term. This enlightening because it works for your lungs, so they stay younger / stronger.

I smoke daily, but do not have respiratory disease such as asthma. Has the Ecolamp also useful for me?
The Ecolamp than absolute value. Your lungs have extra heavy, every day is a new battle! And when you smoke daily, there is little time to recover. The Ecolamp breathe only clean air in, enlightening course this works in your lungs. Especially if you smoke, this is important. In the short term, you do not notice, but your lungs do get extra rest and that has only long-term positive impact.


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