Red quality with a private wine label!

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Red air quality buying a personal wine label?

Here you can find quality red wine with a personalized label buy!

Red wine with a personalized wine label is a nice gift to your clients and employees to thank in a special way and / or to appreciate for their services rendered.

We design your personal wine label free if you use the right material (artwork) it provide us! Scroll down to see how that is done.

The wine bottle (with screw cap and 0.75 liters) is very suitable for a custom designed wijjnetiket example for a nice Theme Package, Anniversary or a special event.

Quality, origin and taste of red wine

The red wine (we can supply your own wine label) is a Cabernet Sauvignon and is from Chile and has the scent of ripe plum, strawberry and raspberry. When tasting one discovers the perfect balance between soft tannins and ripe fruit.

This wine is an excellent house wine and is easy to drink for everyone. This wine is an excellent companion of red meat and pasta dishes.

The unit price is the red wine including a personal wine label.

Minimum order: from 60 pieces or more pieces *

Prices: see staggered

*) Click contact us for fast and easy to apply if you wish to order. smaller or larger numbers of private label wine with a quote

Specifications own personal wine label design

Of course it is always very exciting or wine with a wine label designed by you will fall.'s Taste But with a personal wine label, the wine is absolutely stylish, unique and valuable to both the giver and the recipient of the wine.

Wine labels with own label

The wine labels are in our full color printed on labels in various sizes. The labels can be printed descending. Files can be submitted in PDF, JPEG (300 DPI) files or Adobe Illustrator format.

You can handle both text and pictures in the label. Below are the specifications where the images, photos and / or text for wine label design must meet.

Dimensions for a wine label on a wine bottle with 0.75 liters

Single = 76 mm x 102 mm = 900 x 1200 pixels (all white, red and rosé wines)
Lying = 99 mm x 70 mm = 1169 x 827 pixels (champagne)

Dimensions for a wine label on a wine bottle with 0.25 liters

Lying = 76 mm x 50 mm = 900 x 600 pixels
Single = 50 mm x 76 mm 600 x 900 pixels


When delivering in PDF or Adobe Illustrator files should be to outlines. Converted all texts In our design we use Adobe Illustrator CS4, keep this in mind!


Additional comments on your order and your delivery date by you can specify during the ordering process, there are special areas set aside for that.

Delivery address

The delivery address, you can specify separately when entering your information, this does not have to be as the billing address the same address.

Order confirmation and invoice

After your order you will receive an email directly to your email when the order detail information is shown. You will also receive an invoice with the correct invoice amount.

Payment of your order

For the payment of our products, multiple payment methods. Both companies and individuals have the option to order and direct (in advance) to pay with Paypal, credit card, through a voucher or discount code. All payments done by direct payment on highly secure connections, the credit card information is destroyed immediately after use.

Payment on account

If you have chosen to bill you will always receive a confirmation email with our preferred payment condition. We guarantee that your order is properly executed and timely delivered as we agreed.

If you have questions or want more information?

Fill out our contact form by clicking.
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