Species for which a special Birdhouse?

About Bird and Bird Houses

A birdhouse is also called hive. A bird house is an excellent replacement for holes in old trees. In forests, plantations and in many parks there are numerous opportunities for birds to nest place to build, however lacking in these areas often nesting opportunities. One you have correctly loaded hive is therefore not a luxury for the birds.

Sizes and types Birdhouses

Birdhouses come in different sizes and types. Which is where birds are nesting varies birdhouse. The smaller bird houses are, for example particularly suitable for winter kingdoms, homebody. blue tit, great tit and sparrows.

Material Birdhouses

Birdhouses are usually made of wood, although some are a mixture of wood and concrete. Metal bird houses are also found online, but be aware that these bird houses are not suitable for outdoor use, as they can easily overheat in the scorching sun.


The regular upkeep of a hive is very important. It is important that every year old litter material is removed. In old nesting boxes are often parasites, keep your hive so therefore check. This way you ensure that you can continue to enjoy nesting birds in your own garden!

The Bird in our range

Of all these species we have in our shop a birdhouse or nesting box for sale. If you want a birdhouse or nesting box for a bird which is not listed in our shop please send us a message via our contact form. Click to contact us.

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