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Buy Cheap wood shavings in a cardboard box of 8 kg?

Buy cheap wool to own your Wine Boxes, Christmas Gifts or Theme packages to and decors to fill? With us you can buy cheap wood wool for wine boxes and theme packages.

If you want to decorate yourself or by filling Excelsior your fine wine boxes, Christmas gifts or theme packages can be a cardboard box with a capacity of 8 kg order these fine Excelsior.

Excelsior is the unique, alternative, pure organic packaging with excellent technical, environmental and economic characteristics. And it looks good!

Minimum order quantity: each (several pieces on request) *

Prices: see staggered

*) Click contact us for fast and easy to apply if you want to order more than one box wood shavings or other questions or wishes an offer.

Want to build your own Theme Pack?

You can contact us throughout the year a theme package together from 60 pieces or more. Call for an appointment or contact us via our contact clicking.


Additional comments on your order please indicate the last step of the ordering process, there is therefore a special room reserved for comments.

Rush order

There is also an opportunity for accelerated delivery in consultation with our sales department. You should then contact us through contact with our office and order finish. Them via contact An accelerated delivery date will be additional transportation costs with it.


For the payment of our products have multiple payment methods. Both companies and individuals have the option to pay with Paypal, credit card, on account or using a gift certificate. All payment is done on highly secure connections and credit card information is destroyed immediately after use.

Order Confirmation

After your order you receive an email when the order detail information is shown.

If you have questions or want more information about our products?

Our contact details found on the right column of our shop or click .

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